Guy Fawkes and Brit week

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It's Guy Fawkes' night - but in Kissimmee

It’s Guy Fawkes’ night – but in Kissimmee

It’s Guy Fawkes’ night tonight. There will be a few bonfires and fireworks celebrations happening but many will be held over until Saturday the 8th of November for convenience.

We all know that the tradition goes back to November 5, 1605 when Guy Fawkes was caught in the cellars of the Houses of Parliament with several dozen barrels of gunpowder. He was tried as a traitor along with his eight co-conspirators for plotting against the UK government and sentenced to death. Not the smartest group in the world, one conspirator had warned his relations not to be in Parliament that day and the story – in modern parlance – leaked. In celebration of this foiled plot bonfires were set throughout Britain on that day and, 409 years later, still occur.

We might huddle in warm clothing and drink mulled wine or soup but in Florida, they probably won’t need to wrap up. Yes Florida, because in Kissimmee they have been celebrating Guy Fawkes Day for some years.

The family-friendly event invites locals, British expats and visitors alike to British Bonfire Night at Formosa Gardens in Kissimmee, highlighted by a huge bonfire, fireworks display, traditional British food, music, rides and even a “Guy” competition.

It is the culmination in the Orlando-Kissimmee area of what they call “BritWeek” which highlights and celebrates the impact Brits have had on the United States culture and economy. BritWeek began as a way to focus on the creative fusion between the United Kingdom and the United States. The organisation was founded in California and recently expanded into the state of Florida.In the future it might even spread outside those two states to other parts of the US where British involvement has been strong.

In the meantime, Kissimmee picked the right time to have Brit Week because who doesn’t like Guy Fawkes’ night and an ecuse for a celebratory party?

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