Wooing holidaymakers in 2015

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China is your cup of tea

China is your cup of tea

China attracted me immediately with one of many slogans it is using but “Charming China Your Cup of Tea” appealed as I spent another hour plodding around the stands at the World Travel Market. A reviving cuppa was just what I needed to walk around the other hundreds of stands I didn’t manage on Sunday.

Macau just went for stunning costumes and pictures with no slogan whilst South Korea asked us to “Imagine your Korea” and then suggested we come to Korea for an unforgettable experience.

Manila is the capital of fun

Manila is the capital of fun

Japan offered “Endless Discovery” in its promotion whilst the Philippines said that it was more fun in that country and that Manila was the capital of fun.

Thailand’s capital, Bangkok, says that it smiles whilst Malaysia says that it is “Truly Asia” but that it is also full of endless celebrations as it proclaims 2015 as the year of celebrations. Taiwan remains the “Heart of Asia” but also wants us to know that it is “Time for Taiwan.”  Myanmar (Burma that was) wants you to know that you should “Let the Journey Begin.” Mongolia tells us that it is “Nomadic by nature” and has “colourful festivals.”

Indonesia is still “wonderful” and India retains its ”!ncredible” tag line. Bangladesh is “The Land of Stories” and Oman tells us again that “Beauty has an address” and that, of course, is their country. Qatar is Timelessly traditional and distinctly modern whilst another emirate, Sharjah, points out that is the capital of Arab tourism in 2015. In the Indian Ocean, the Maldives tempts saying that the cuntry “is the sunny sidde of life.”

Egypt remains as the place where it all began but the Egyptian tourism minister announced that there will be a bigger push to attract tourists back to the Nile and Cairo so I expect to see new slogans but perhaps not the one he used which was “Watch out. Egypt’s coming.”

Visit. Or else!

I’ve my eye on you. Why haven’t you booked to come to Guyana yet?

Their North African compatriots, Morocco, still say that it is “Time to Go” but also that, for example, Agadir beaches look that good because the sands sunbathe all year!

Canada wants us to “keep exploring” and the US state of Louisiana wants us to “Proclaim our Passion.” San Francisco wants us to continue to “Dream big” but the Brand USA slogan is still composed of dots amking it meorable in some eyes and baffling in others.

Guyana in South America claims that it is South America undiscovered and wins my other award for the most captivating image with two posters, one of a bird and one of a big cat, both of which I show just because they are so striking.

If the bird won't persuade you to visit Guyana, maybe I can?

If the bird won’t persuade you to visit Guyana, maybe I can?

It’s Caribbean neighbour, Jamaica, lets us know that its the” home of all right” whilst Trinidad and Tobago claim that they are the “True Caribbean.”

The Falkland Islands relies on cuddly penguins to attract us without bothering to have a slogan at all. Another island group – Fiji – claims that it is “where happiness finds you” and highlights it with a sandy island set in  an emerald blue sea. It isn’t dissimilar to the Dominian Republic in the Caribbean which informs us that it “has it all.”

Mexico uses its familiar theme of lots of colour (as does Ecuador) with its slightly confusing claim that you must “live it to believe it.” It also trumpets loudly the fact that there are now direct flights from London and Manchester to Puerto Vallarta, a destination largely unknown to Brits and which is in the Pacific Ocean coastline.

Tomorrow, I’ll return to Europe and the US to finish my quick summary of how different countries will portray themselves to us

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