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Sydney Opera House

One of NSW’s biggest tourism attractions – Sydney Opera House…

In the year ending August, some 666,900 of Brits headed to the country that had 6.7 million visitors in all. By year end that total figure may well reach 11 million which will almost equate to half the population of the country –   significant feat.

Considering the long flight, the high fares and the high cost of APD, that two-thirds of a million Brits travel there shows that the country has great appeal to travellers and it doesn’t need me to mention the heritage both colonial and aboriginal; the unique wildlife, the scenery and just the friendliness of the people. But would have considered it as a food tourism destination?

Stories about Aussies only eating meat pies doused with tomato sauce under a wrenched off pie crust have long disappeared into the past. In the last year, the country has been using the “Restaurant Australia” strapline to draw to the attention of visitors that the melting pot of nationals that have found homes in Australia in the last fifty years have brought their cuisines with them. These have been adapted or modified to take advantage of the marine foods that are available so you would be hard pressed not to find a dozen different cuisines down any major high street or food halls.

Tourism Australia says that its promotion has been particularly successful in the UK particularly as they used the chef, TV presenter and Aussie, John Torode, in a series called John Torode’s Australia which highlighted the foods that Australia had on offer these days. Guess what? A series with the same Restaurant Australia theme will air on Channel 4 next year to continue the promotion.

That doesn’t mean to say that the other Australian attractions will be forgotten. You might not see kangaroos hopping down a high street but you’ll still see majestic views of Sydney Harbour, wide expanse outback views, native Australian heritage and the laidback lifestyle.

Its been fifty years since I first went to the country and I have seen massive changes in that time. Next year I will be returning and comparing what it was like in the mid 1960’s with what it is like now.

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