Sending your toy on holiday

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Chester perched on rails overllong a street in Chester

A toy called Chester, perched on railings in Chester. Is he poised to jump because he didn’t want to go on holiday?

There are lots of fairly wacky holiday ideas around but sending a toy instead of you is pretty high up as one of the wackiest.

Yet people do this.

There are at least five companies that say if you can’t afford a holiday, send your toy instead. Just post the toy off and the company will return pictures of it at the places you want to send it. The idea – apparently – is that it will cheer you up to see your toy enjoying things that you cannot!

It wouldn’t cheer me up. It might make me a bit envious. Or make me think that I should be carted away to the great home for travel writers who have gone gaga but certainly not make feel happy and contented.

For five companies to exist there must be people who think this is a good idea. Or they have more money than sense. How do they even know there toys have been sent to these places? Could some unscrupulous companies just photograph toys against a video of the destination? Do you know how much parcel post is these days? What happens if your beloved toy gets damaged in the post? Can you claim against your travel insurance? Or the company offering the “tour?”

I’m not even going to get into the argument about whether the toy would enjoy the trip. That shows I have been thinking too much! And I’m certainly not going to list the companies providing this daffy idea.

As a joke some people might do it but wouldn’t you rather save up and holiday to that dream place rather than send a toy thus stopping you going whilst you save up?

I’d even prefer a day trip to Wath (older Radio 4 listeners will recognise this as the tourist town that had no attractions) instead of wasting money sending a toy!

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