When you can take children out of school

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family_holidays-300x213According to Sian Griffiths writing in today’s Sunday Times, the National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT) has drawn up a guidance for head teachers as to when children can be taken out of school.

The paper also suggests that their guideline notes have the agreement of the education secretary, Nicky Morgan. If true then these are likely to be widely used as to what is – and isn’t –acceptable.

It looks as though taking holidays in term time is still not acceptable but funerals, weddings and religious events are along with seeing parents returning from duty with the armed forces ( and long-term charity work abroad?) and for children with disabilities or special needs.

There is nothing on the NAHT website yet to confirm that any guidelines have been drawn up. The latest on the issue is the result of a survey which was posted two days ago saying that head teachers would welcome more guidance. It also suggests that head teachers were split 50/50 as to whether they should grant applications from parents for holidays in term time.

If the story is correct then the underlying issue of taking children on holiday in term-time is still not resolved. yet teachers can take children on school excursions which might involve overseas educational trips usually at vast expense to parents.

Why can’t teachers prepare a week of lessons and give it to students before they go insisting that the work be done or that parents will be fined. Families could still take holidays but lessons would have continued.

In this world of online teaching what is wrong with this? The Open University has virtually be an online teaching resource for nearly fifty years so why can’t the government – and teachers – catch up with the rest of the world? If anything, being taught online will prepare students for their tertiary education and the working world beyond.


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