Bathing in beer

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Neuzelle monastery

the Cistercian monastery in Neuzelle

In a place called Neuzelle in the German state of Brandenburg you can actually bath in beer. Over the years, people have washed their hair in beer as it is supposed to leave hair shiny looking but bathing in it?

The Cistercian monastery of Neuzelle is one of the most important artistic treasures in the State of Brandenburg. At the heart of this historic ensemble is the Collegiate Church of St. Mary, a jewel of the Baroque.  The church, which was originally gothic, was remodelled in the 17th and 18th centuries to reflect the Baroque style and has retained its magnificent interior decorations.

Italian and Bohemian artists have left their mark. As have the French, not onlu in the name of the place but the monastery garden was redesigned in 1760 in the “French style“. In the middle of the garden is the Orangery which is open in the summer months and serves as a café

That’s the tourism information out-of-the-way, now what about the beer?

In the monastery there is also a brewery and this is the last monastic brewery still in production in the State of Brandenburg.  Beer has been brewed here for more than 400 years following the old craft tradition. Visitors have the opportunity to take a tour of the brewery on which they can look over the brewer’s shoulder.  There is also a tasting afterwards.  Then if you want to waste a perfectly good drop of the stuff you can bath in it for here is world’s first beer bath known as “The Original®. It was opened at the Kummerower Hof in 1997.

Just think of how much beer has been wasted in baths since then when it could have been better taken internally to help wash the cobwebs of the day away and provide “medicinal” comfort for its visitors!



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