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London-TubeOne of the most significant things to improve tourism to London has just been announced – the fact that the tube will run throughout the night.

Why is this so important? Because so many have curtailed their travels because the only way of returning to hotels or homes shut down when many were still out. Just as New York is a 24 hour city so could London be.

It may not start for almost another year and it will only run on Friday and Saturday nights but it is a leap forward helping the city entice more visitors and, just as importantly helping early morning workers and shift workers to get home without the need for expensive taxis. Yes we have had late night services in London before on New Years’ Eve but nothing on a regular basis.  But some tube lines won’t run on the whole of their lines. The Northern Line won’t venture beyond Camden Town and I have a qualm that the tubes will largely run within the circle line “inner” area of London rather than to all the suburbs. That isn’t good enough. The rest of the underground needs to see services as well.

Now the decision has been taken to run tube services, London needs further help. For a start the Piccadilly line needs to run to Heathrow right thoughout the night, every day of the week, so people can get to and return from early and late night flights.

What needs to happen now is that the trains into and out of London need to run later too. Even in nearby Surrey which some regard as Leafy London, the early times of the last trains have meant that theatregoers had to slip out early or miss the last act in order to get home. As for travelling further away, forget it. It means that you need a hotel for the night which is great for hoteliers but not great for visitors because hotel rooms in London – as everyone knows – are some of the highest in the world.

But this is a start and, with luck for visitors, it will be the start for a seven night a week service, 365 days a year.



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