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apparently – according to The Times – no hot towel is delivered with the meal!

Two days later, I am still recovering from reading a story in The Times on Saturday. A company is actually delivering airline meals to your home!

In Germany, David Charter reports, that a company called owned by DHL which is turn owned by the German Post Office has decided that there are people who would willingly not only eat airline meals but pay for them. Presumably they have tried the meals before committing to this idea?

I have flown a lot over the years and, if anything, the standard of meals in economy class has gone down. In business and first class,  so the business class type meals that is supplying may taste a bit better.

The food comes from LSG Sky Chefs who supply Lufthansa. You will see their white and green lorries driving up and down airport link roads in our countries as well as they supply many airlines.

Reports that the food comes from leftover Lufthansa meals were denied by the company.

Comedians have been making jokes about airline food for decades. It has got to the point where I carry food with me. Even airline staff are wary of it as I found out when I took some ripe brie and crusty bread with me on a transatlantic flight and shared it with some of them. Just last week when I flew yet again I took brie and rolls with me but kept it to myself this time!

And those apalling breakfasts of a pot of yoghurt, a soggy muffin or a croissant that goes squishy after being heated on a plane do not bear thinking about. It has to be decades since I ever completed eating a breakfast. In fact the last time was on GO, the airline that Barbara Cassani launched in the 1990’s. Then, they would sell on board fresh croissants like you get in bakers. It didn’t last of course.

But as for the choice between meat and pasta and a salad, wilting and turning brown and a dessert in a tub and a piece of plastic cheese – no thanks. is giving the project two months to see if the public likes it. It costs €9.99 and that includes delivery per person. Quite frankly, I can get value and probably better quality down at our local chippie. I say “probably” because there is no way – not even to tell Just about Travel readers – that I would try this food. And luckily I can’t because the test is only happening in Cologne and Dusseldorf.

Is the rest of Germany that is unaffected giving grateful thanks?

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