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Dodecanese islands

if you plan to visit islands in the Dodecanese group you’ll need a ferry

The majority of British and Irish visitors to Greece head to the islands. But finding information about the ferries travelling between the mainland and the islands or just between the islands can take a lot of time to find. Especially as there 13,440 different ferry routes and 85 different companies providing those services.

Thankfully Visit Greece has resolved a lot of the time wasted in research by placing all of these schedules  into one convenient website which is to be found as pages on their own portal. You can find it by clicking here or going to

Visit Greece also provide some advice on how to search the portal since some places can be confusing as services can run from  different ports in the same area. It also gives options to the major destinations, what kind of vessel is available, how many stops there are, whether booking is recommended, maps of the routes and links to the ferry companies.

Piraeus is the biggest of these ports – in fact it is the largest passenger port in Europe – servicing about 20 million passengers annually. It is the closest to Athens and situated to the south west of the city centre. There are ferry routes from here to almost every island in the eastern portion of Greece, the island of Crete, the Cyclades, the Dodecanese, and much of the northern and eastern Aegean Sea. Normal ferries, catamarans and flying dolphins depart from Piraeus to the islands many times a day and Piraeus is connected to Athens and the airport by metro, rail links and buses. But there are two other ports in Athens, Rafinas and Laviro. All three provide routes to the eastern Greek destinations.

Use the ports of Patras on the Peloponnese or Igoumenitsas and Astakos on the west coast of mainland Greece for sea travel between the mainland and Ionian islands.

All Greek islands are linked to the mainland by a variety of vessels including high-speed ferries, hydrofoils and catamarans, which have recently been refurbished and are regular, fast and reliable. There is also an air service that we mentioned earlier this year which connects some islands and which, in the future, plans to link most providing it.

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