Germany and the World Cup fall-out

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Berlin Reichstag

the Reichstag in Berlin

Germany’s success at the World Cup in Brazil is expected to be the spur that persuades more of us to holiday in Germany. Why? Because when the 2006 World Cup was held in Germany it prompted more visits as you might expect. But after the conclusion of the tournament we continued to holiday in the country largely for city-breaks.

The most favoured destinations by visitors from the UK are Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Cologne and Dusseldorf, followed by Nuremberg, Dresden, Leipzig and Hanover. And why are we attracted to these cities? Because most have direct links from regional airports in the UK and Ireland so getting there is comparatively easy. It doesn’t take long to fly there, barely more than 90 minutes to the cities in the east and hotel rates are not as expensive as in some other popular destinations like Paris, Rome or Venice.

The attractions of Germany are similar to those that attract people to travel to our countries and for us to take so many days out. Heritage and cultural attractions are the big draws to the cities and Hanover especially is reaping some of the benefits of having the 300th anniversary of Hanoverians becoming our monarchs starting with George I is 1714. Once there you can get around easily either on the autobahns or by the efficient public transport. Indeed the only thing that doesn’t work is the new airport in Berlin which is long overdue!  There are more day and longer river cruises than ever before and that is the best way to see some of the heritage sites like King Ludwig’s castles.

It is no wonder then that the German National Tourist Board is predicting up to 5.4 million overnight stays by visitors from the UK by 2020. The latest statistics show a 4.1% increase for the period January – April 2014, compared to a similar period for 2013 so it looks as though this year will be a bumper one for us travelling there.

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