A London bus in Nuremberg

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London bus

Nuremburg to London bus service?

Walking into a Nuremberg square in Germany, the last thing I expected to see was a London red, double-decker bus. But there it was. It certainly wasn’t travelling from Trafalgar Square to Paddington as it proclaimed on the side of the bus.


It was acting as the press centre for the 39th Bardentreffen, a festival celebrating world music. Bardentreffen is a music festival that spreads throughout the city and, although there are eight main venues, there are musicians who just find a convenient place and start playing wherever they are. With all the press coverage it gets (over 100,000 people come to Nuremberg in this first weekend of August) there is a press team to help with the publicity. And they are at the bus.

When I asked why a bus I was given a couple of reasons the most important being that everyone recognises it so it can hardly be missed. An office block can look like another business block. A London bus looks only like a London bus! Secondly, they are cheap to hire which seems a very good reason since the festival is free to all comers. The city and business pick up the tab for the whole three-day event so anything to keep the costs down is welcome.

The only downside I was told was that the bus was difficult to drive. The old Routemasters were built fifty years and more ago. Modern driving refinements were unheard of then so driving needs to be more skilful. But then does it matter?

The London bus caught my attention as it did lots of others because they were photographing it too. And when the festival is over, the Routemaster will be driven away all ready to be hired out for the next event where it will win admiring looks and photographers galore.

Bardentreffen may have just one day to go but the Routemaster wil be around for a long time. And perhaps it will be back for next year’s Bardentreffen as well.

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