Robin Hood returns to Sherwood Forest

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Nottingham Castle. Attacked by Robin Hood again?

Nottingham Castle. Attacked by Robin Hood again?

For the 30th year, the Robin Hood Festival returns to Sherwood Forest (where else could it be held?) from the 4th until the 10th of August.

There doesn’t seem to be any robbing of the rich to give to the poor allowed and it looks as though Maid Marion won’t need rescuing. Whether you can poach the deer in the king’s (queen’s) forest is probably also not on the agenda so what can you do?

In this anniversary year there will be, once again, a week of free entertainment and a daily programme.  As you might expect, there will be archery, duels, jousting, falconry displays and a wide variety of acts from performers, musicians and entertainers who will transport visitors back to the medieval period when Robin Hood pitted his wits against the Sheriff of Nottingham, Prince John and various Norman knights. Another knight, Councillor John Knight, who heads Nottinghamshire’s Culture Committee said: “The Robin Hood Festival is a much-loved event with Robin Hood fans both in the UK and abroad.” Which is big of him considering that all knights – especially twelfth century ones –  might not share his view!

The enduring appeal of Robin Hood means that he has turned up in nearly 70 films and countless television programmes over the years ever since the first one in 1908. Apparently, he will even turn up in the new Dr Who series that begins next month!

By the way, organisers are still seeking volunteers to help them at this year’s Robin Hood Festival. If you have some time to spare and are interested, contact Sue McDonald, Community Liaison Officer on 0115 975 3782 / 07500 106 567 or email

For more about Nottinghamshire, click here.

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