Forgetting to pack underwear

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closingsuitcaseYet another survey finding that makes you wonder about life has been published. This one, from Teletext Holidays and Swimwear 365 suggests that we aren’t that good at packing. But like all these publicity speaking surveys, it doesn’t explain everything.

Apparently, one in ten of us forget to pack underwear, the survey has revealed. People admit to this? Well either 79 or 80 people did because the whole survey was only run across 799 people. So we have 80 people who can’t even remember such basic necessities. Or did they tick an option listed in a question out of truth, devilment or because they found it amusing?

But I defy there to be anyone out there who has not forgotten something. Have you never forgotten to pack something who subsequently wised you had?

The survey also says that 93% of us take more than we need and 87% don’t wear all that they take. This is not news. This is planning. Don’t you cover for changing weather eventualities? You still need might need a jumper in the tropics in the evening on some days.

It also says that about a third of us take more than one day to pack a suitcase for a two-week holiday. Does it matter how long it takes? It is not as if that person takes two whole days – 48 consecutive hours – to pack a case or two. You get things out of drawers and wardrobes that you want to take; you decide to buy something to add to the clothes list. You decide you don’t have enough sun-tan lotion and decide to get more. It’s called planning. If you can do it 30 minutes fine, if it takes longer so what?

But more than 50% of us find it stressful. Is that the stress of worry or the stress of anticipation of a good holiday?

The suggestion that many of us are incompetent packers is possible fun to know for some who have nothing better to do but it doesn’t matter. There are shops in the places we go to; in fact there are shops almost everywhere in the world and you can buy things. It just means you pack less. And funnily enough, shopping is one of the things that always rates highly as something people do when the travel.

Now – if the survey is to be believed – we know why. We forget everything!

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