Philip Stevens, Heathrow and BA

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heathrow1Over the weekend, Philip Stevens had a story in the Financial Times about Heathrow. Here at Just about Travel we are fond of a rant and Stephens provides one. But the so do the commentators who have added to the site.

Called Heathrow makes money out of misery, he argues that Heathrow and BA have “turned their manifest failings into a potentially golden asset,” by which he means that the only way the airport will improve is for it to expand which, he suggests, will lead to greater profits for the airport. BA is culpable because it has a quasi-monopoly there by which I think Stevens means that it has no competition to a lot of its flights.

But the suggestion that Stevens makes is that “a half-decent level of passenger service would be counter-productive because it would undercut the case for that third runway.” So better passenger service would mean a faster throughout of passengers meaning that more flights could ocur meaning no new runway? But I might be maligning Mr Stevens there.

Read the story for yourself and don’t forget the comments. Not only does it vent one person’s splean but it gives a pretty good case – for and against – airport expansion and the cokmmments aren’t totally given over to either axes to grind or uninformed claptrap.


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