New Turkish regulations for visitors

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TurkeyIf you are holidaying in Turkey this summer don’t get caught out by the new regulations that have just been introduced.

As many of you will know, you can still collect a visa on arrival at the airport when you land during a transitional period that will end sometime this year.  The way forward is to book it online.

From now on your passport must not expire for at least 60 days from the day of your departure. If it doesn’t have sufficient time, then you will be refused entry. So, if you land on 7th July and leave on the 21st, your passport should not expire until the 20th of September. Any day earlier than this and you can expect to return home on  the return flight – seats permitting!

This is not an unusual requirement with most countries; some say your passport should be valid for three months after entry. This is the old regulations that Turkey is now relacing so holidaymakers should have no problems


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