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Heading to American on your hols this summer? Chances are you’ll want a trinket or two to remind you of your stay in the States. For the best selection, make for the 6,000 square foot Made in America in Elma store in New York State which sells everything from fashion items to fly swatters, soaps and socks – prepare to be wowed by their wares.


But the best bit? Every single item on sale is 100 per cent American made – right down to the packaging – meaning you’ll be contributing to the economy of the country you’re visiting.


Made in America – the only bricks and mortar store in the States that exclusively sells 100% American made products – was opened on 3 April 2010 by Mark Andol.

Andol, a welder turned entrepreneur and manufacturer, lost a contract to supply steel posts back in 2005 when a supplier in China – who didn’t have to adhere to the same strict regulations as Andol had to in America – undercut him by US$3 a post, forcing him to lay off nearly 40 employees.

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The experience hit Andol hard. Mark is a man who believes in the dignity of those who work with their hands and believes in livelihoods that enable families to buy a home, have a car and send their kids to college. Unemployment puts the American dream on hiatus, he says. For some people, it puts their dreams on hold for good.
Determined to make lemonade out of lemons, Mark began visioning a store that would only carry products that are 100% American made. In a moment of inspiration – though some at the time called it insanity – he decided to run with the idea. Mark Andol’s vision became a reality with the opening of the Made in America store on 3 April 2010.


Located approximately 20 minutes from Buffalo and less than an hour from Niagara Falls, NY, Made in America’s mission is to restore US manufacturing jobs by providing American consumers with a brick and mortar store and e-commerce site that guarantees that each product sold is entirely American in materials and labour.
Since it opened its doors, the Made in America store has been featured on TV screens across the country and articles have appeared in publications all around the world – making it an international story.


To date, more than 100 tour buses – some as far as San Diego, California –  have added the Made in America store to their itinerary. In addition to requiring that all products sold are 100% American made, Andol’s Made in America Store insists on top quality at comparable pricing. Customers therefore know they are helping to feed an American family when they shop at Made in America. And, each manufacturing job has a positive economic impact – providing four additional jobs for the benefit of the U.S. economy.


The store also recognises the sacrifices made by members and veterans of the U.S. military by offering them a 10 per cent discount on every purchase, every day.

So if you’re near New York State and searching for some authentic American souvenirs, why not make for Made in America? Your purchase will help save and create American jobs because, as Andol puts it: “China is a long drive to work.”

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