The travelling hotel

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Travel_Hotel2-1024x504Seeing the northern lights is, for many, of the holiday experiences they have to do. But whichever country you go to, the key is getting away from light pollution. So what better way than by staying in a travelling hotel? Not a ferry or a cruise ship but a very large lorry complete with multiple bedrooms and a restaurant.

If this sounds far-fetched, then I have to tell you that it already exists.

Tatra, a company specialising in photographic tours, has – what it calls – a modified jeep although this is no modification like I have ever seen.  There are four single rooms with shared bathrooms and six double rooms with queen size beds and private en-suite bathroom.  Each room has a refrigerator, electricity in every room suitable for laptops, camera equipment and other electrical equipment and there is tea and coffee making facilities as well!

There is a dining room where, every day, breakfast, lunch travel packages and two course evening meals will be created.

This “jeep” or giant camper van is based in Iceland and the company says that keen photographers can now wake up with the Northern Lights on their doorstep as Tatra’s ten-room hotel on wheels travels with the group to locations inaccessible to other photography tours. The travelling accommodation will give photographers the opportunity to spend more time in Iceland’s epic landscapes, without having to check in and out of hotels or drive long distances to capture the Aurora.

The cost isn’t cheap but at least you are removed from having to do the driving, the cooking and you do have someone who should know where to go to get the best chance of seeing the lights and advice on how to shoot the pictures.


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