Do you visit Wales?

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Wales_flag_largeConflicting news has been issued recently about the attractiveness of Wales as a holiday destination. Have you considered day trips, short breaks or holidays in Wales?

Visit Britain says that there was an upsurge in overseas visitors to Wales last year but the amount being spent lags behind Scotland and England outside London. But we in the UK made 9.93 million visits to Wales last year which was up by 3.4% over 2012. Every other region of the UK suffered a decline.

Speaking to MP’s though, Prof Annette Pritchard, director of the Welsh Centre for Tourism Research, said that the number of overseas tourists visiting Wales has fallen nearly 23% in 10 years. Now just 850,000 visit Wales annually compared to 1.1 million a decade ago. Her criticism is not levied at Visit Wales which, theoretically, is responsible only for attracting the rest of us in the UK to visit Wales but Visit Britain which is responsible for attracting overseas tourists. She said there was a similar trend in all parts of the UK outside London and put this down to the fact that Visit Britain targets have changed and that they wanted to get as many tourists as possible and the easy way to do that is target London.

So who do you believe?

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