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mosquitoThere is nothing quite so annoying as being pestered by mosquitos. Particularly if you are one of those people that swells up around the area of the bite. Anything that suggests protection is worth pursuing. Sprays and creams are the obvious choices because even covering with loose fitting clothing can still let the pesky things through.

I should immediately say that I haven’t tried this Don’t Bite Me Patch because I have yet to see a mosquito this season around our way. But I have decided to mention it because it may help some. One warning though. The formulation does contain aloe vera and for those allergic to that – like my daughter – don’t use it.

The manufacturers call this a deterrent rather than a repellent and the theory is as follows.

We naturally emit carbon dioxide. This is what attracts mosquitos. The patch contains a blend of aloe vera and vitamin B1. Studies, the manufacturers say, have shown that when applied to the skin vitamin B1 is actively absorbed into the bloodstream, the excess excreted through the body’s pores. This creates a subtle odour that is undetectable by humans and masks the carbon dioxide that we emit. That odour makes it repugnant to bugs.

You also need to plan in advance. The patch takes a little while to work so it is suggested you apply it two hours before going out/swimming/trekking/walking etc. The patch gives total body protection wherever you put it on; it’s safe for children to use and you can wear it in water. It is claimed that it lasts for up to 36 hours.

As a guide, each patch costs about £1 and can be used only once. But if it works…

Do let us know if you try this product and we’ll pass your views on to our readers.

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