Improving air quality around Heathrow

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Heathrow Terminal 3

Heathrow Terminal 3

I imagined it was April Fool’s Day.

It is reported that Heathrow wants those travelling to the airport by car to pay a congestion charge if the airport’s proposed third runway is built. Why? To improve air quality.

I have an alternative suggestion.

Close the airport

That way there would be fewer cars, fewer planes and therefore, improved air quality. My suggestion is as asinine as that of the airport!

Is this airport a business or just devoid of reasoned thought?

If it wants to expand, it should put fewer barriers in the way of people travelling there. If it seriously wants to improve air quality, why not operate free bus and train services and double the car parking charges.

And what will these charges be used for anyway? Bigger profits for the airport? No, the airport says that the money could be ring fenced for spending on public transport improvements. Like free buses and trains to get there?

How about moving, by edict, flights from Heathrow to other airports? That would improve the air quality as well. Particularly the hot air that so-called business thinkers at Heathrow are spouting.


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