How important is the Loch Ness monster?

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You may not have heard much about the monster this season. Or last.

the only Nessie you'll probably see!

the only Nessie you’ll probably see!

Garry Campbell from the University of the Highlands and Islands says that no-one has come forward in 18 months with a monster sighting. It seems that it has been the first time since 1925 that there had been no confirmed reports of the monster. And he should know as he has been keeping a list of sightings for the last 17 years.

Does this matter? It definitely does. Without Nessie how many people would come to the area that spawns two Nessie centres? Nessie sightings draw in visitors and that means. Oddly enough just last week – right on cue for the Easter holiday – there was a claimed sighting. Now a seminar will be held in nearby Inverness called Monster Marketing which will be run by the university and, yes – you’ve guessed it – Visit Scotland.

According to the university’s press release the aim of the seminar is to discuss “the importance of the Loch Ness Monster to the region’s tourism industry and consider what more can be done to help visitors see what else the area has to offer.”

By my count, so far 72 different media outlets have picked up the story so part of the task has been done; it has highlighted the area. Can the two hour seminar be half as successful as the press release?

Would that every tourist destination had a monster to help advertise it!

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