Angkor: Adventure in the Lost Kingdom

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PortAventura's Angkor Wat

PortAventura’s Angkor Wat

In the jungles of Cambodia lies the historic temple of Angkor Wat, a UNESCO World Heritage site. But not all of us will be able to afford the cost of flying to Cambodia to see this landmark that appears on just about every list of things to do before the world ends.

Not quite the real thing but as close to it as you may find is a new themed area at Spain’s PortAventura. And it is a lot cheaper to travel to Spain. As Spain is our most popular holiday destination, Angkor Wat may become better known as one of the stars of Asian tourism.

Angkor: Adventure in the Lost Kingdom, is set in a huge area covering 10,500 square metres and is inspired by the jungles of Asia This star attraction of 2014 is a ‘battle-boat’ ten-minute water ride. But it is what the ride takes you through that is also appealing. Ancient temples and lush jungles of Cambodia have been reproduced, making visitors of all ages feel like real adventurers as they explore this attraction. Combining history with a modern appeal to theme park visitors, surprises are in store as they use the water-cannons mounted to their rafts to take on interactive challenges. Visitors will discover mysterious villages, snakes rising from the water, tigers hiding in dark caves, monkeys inhabiting ruined temples, and magnificent stone elephants. Passengers can shoot at the targets they find on their way with their water jets or even take aim at other boats and onlookers.

This makes it one of the longest boat ride attractions in Europe. Angkor has 14 boats, each seating up to 8 people, and an hourly capacity of 726 people.PortAventura has also created a range of new and improved shows and performances. The first, for those who can handle extra excitement after their Angkor ride expedition, is Los Misterios de Angkor (The Mysteries of Angkor), featuring six fantastic acrobats who deliver a jaw-dropping erformance of spinning and tumbling virtuosity.

CirquedeSoleilGeneration Forever, in the China area’s Gran Teatro Imperial  takes visitors on a round-the-world journey through the music of the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s, right up to the present day. 13 dancers, 2 singers and 8 acrobats – including 2 from Cirque de Soleil – put on a colourful show full of amazing choreography and performances.

But he other key draw for visitors is KOOZA from Cirque du Soleil . This is just what you would expect from such a world famous company and is full of acrobats, clowns and circus excitement. PortAventura is the first resort in Europe to host Cirque du Soleil and more than 2,400 visitors will enjoy the show each day

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