Adventure Island not so adventurous

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none of this at Adventure Island

none of this at Adventure Island

Last Saturday, the Southend Standard reported that one of the town’s big attractions – Adventure Island – which is on the West Esplanade had put up signs asking men not to wander about topless.

Why and does it matter?

The newspaper reports that Marc Miller, managing director of Adventure Island, said: “We don’t have a strict dress code as such, but would like our male customers to show some decorum. In recent years, we’ve seen increasing numbers of lads and men whipping their tops off, eager to make the most of the sun – which is understandable, of course, as Southend is the warmest and driest part of the UK. That’s absolutely fine in the right environment, but we try very hard to be a family-focused business and not everybody is a fan of bare chests. We simply want to make sure that Adventure Island maintains its status as the best place to bring the whole family for a fun, safe, reasonably-priced great day out.”

So on the beach it is OK, in Adventure Island it isn’t. Haven’t families seen bare-chested men before? Is the park afraid that babies and toddlers will be scarred for life by seeing portly gentlemen, sagging stomachs and hitherto covered-up tattoos? How will they enforce this dress code? Will employees dash over with an oversize tee-shirt to cover up these unattractive  -or even attractive sights?  Will offenders be escorted from the park, given a refund  and all this accompanied by the howling of his children who have been thrown out of their day trip? Will men make a stand and do a mass revealing of their torsos in protest at this violation of their rights to parade their hairy muscles? After all, this is the same place that has encouraged nudism in the past though I must quickly add that it was all done for charity, Guinessw world records and publicity.

And there could be your answer – publicity. This story made the national papers and television which would be a much wider reach than the park might usually get. Even cynical me wrote about it!


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