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Marloes1With temperatures being forecast to hit 20 degrees over the Easter weekend some of us will head for the beaches. So it is timely that the organisation that issues the Blue Flag awards has released its latest guide which shows that water quality at 70% of Britain’s beaches is rated as “excellent.”

Each year I write that these awards are all well and good but that they relate to last year as the Marine Conservation Society who issue the awards points out. This year, they say  in their Good Beach Guide that the lack of rain caused less pollution to filter down from towns and cities to the coasts. But many of you will remember that it rained over the winter. And rained. And then, rained some more. All of which I take to mean that pollution in our rivers will find its way to the coast.

Our local river flooded. Bridges were blocked by branches, trees and litter that had been washed from the banks into the watercourses. That has been cleared and the river is flowing- albeit with the odd tree trunk ocassionally sticking out at low tide. the river water is clear to look at. Or it will be until the next storms come and more is washed from the banks into the river.

That is why I suggest you be wary about Blue Flag beaches and use common sense. If the beaches look grubbyand the sea seems brown and dirty don’t bathe or play there. Go elsewhere until the situation  improves. Apart from western Scotland and Northern Ireland, there hasn’t been a lot of rain in the last coule of weeks so I imagine that the beaches and the seas should be fine to enjoy.

But don’t rely on out-of-date information which was probably last collected in mid September 2013. Rely on your instincts and local knowledge instead.

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