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plane-rules-to-change-for-mobile-phoneseasyJet has announced that – as from today – passengers can use e-readers, tablets and mobile phones throughout their flight. And that includes take-off and landings. But only if they can be put into “flight-mode” which, let’s face it, is just about every modern bit of kit on the market.

Peter Duffy, easyJet’s Group Commercial Director, Customer, Product and Marketing said: “We know that portable devices are an important part of our customers’ journey with us so we are pleased they can now use their electronic devices onboard in ‘Flight mode’ for the duration of their flight with us – we think this will be a popular change.”

But popular with whom? Many surveys have said that passengers don’t like the idea of mobile phones operating during flights as many users speak more loudly than in a normal conversation. And do other passengers want to hear the the intricate love lives and business deals of all passengers?  On  trains there are quiet coaches. Can there be some seat rows on planes for something similar? Or will some have to carry ear-plugs?

Will passengers using mobile phones – and these are the only ones likely to raise the ire of passengers – be considerate of their travelling companions? You would like to think so. I can’t really see easyJet losing many passengers because passengers cannot abide their mobile phone using passengers. More likely there will be a moan in the social mediasphere for a few days and then life will return to it as before.

If any readers are travelling on easyJet in the next few days, Just about travel would be interested in knowing if there was much mobile phone usage on their flights.

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