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the Nap Anywhere

the Nap Anywhere

You might remember that a few weeks ago Just about Travel mentioned that there was a huge luggage show taking place – The Travel Goods Show –  in the US and we’d let you know some of the more interesting items that were available there.

The first of those judged to be offering new products was won by a company  that claims to provide an answer to the strain problems  you can get with heavy cases. Its  Pivotal Soft Case Gear Bag, with its ergonomic Pivot-Grip handle that self-adjusts to reduce arm and wrist strain by rotating 360 degrees provides a properly angled grip for your hand as you tow the wheeled bag behind you.

Second place winner for product innovation was the Delsey Chatelet, a rolling carry-on with Delsey’s unique Stop and Go brake system. It acts like a parking brake to prevent runaway luggage, but because the brake only acts on two of the four wheels you can still tilt it and roll it as a two-wheeler without disengaging the brake — handy when going through the shuffle-and-stop of ticketing and security lines.

The third place Product Innovation Award went to the NapAnywhere, designed by Dr. Ravi Shamaiengar to be a truly different take on the travel pillow, with a unique shape that fits between head and shoulder to provide portable, ergonomically sensible comfort by properly supporting the head and neck while in the seated position.

Finally there was what they call a Buzz Award which is voted on by those attending. This year’s winner was Piggyback Rider, a stand-up child carrier that gives children an adult’s-eye worldview while being carried, providing child and grown-up the same visual perspective and making it easy for them to converse, even in crowds.

Incidentally, if you happen to be in Amsterdam, then you might be interested in visiting the Tassenmuseum  – the Museum of Bags and Prses -where there is an exhibition running until the end of August about suitcases and travel bags from 1850 to present showing the changes between the heavy boxes we use to have right down to the lightweight wheelie cases of today which can be lifted using just a little finger,

Who said luggage is just luggage and what’s so special about a suitcase? Not me!

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