The longest and the shortest St Patrick’s Day Parade

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Sometimes you could believe that St Patrick’s Day lasts weeks rather than one day.

"Green" Great Wall of China

“Green” Great Wall of China

Tourism Ireland kicked off its St Patrick’s Day promotions over a week ago with the launch of ‘a parade with a difference’ on its international website, ‘The Fantastic St Patrick’s Parade’ is open to people in markets across the world to join in, design their own floats and be in with a chance to win a holiday to the island of Ireland. Tourism Ireland is promoting the parade across its 2 million Facebook fans, to get people everywhere thinking and talking about holidays here in the run-up to St Patrick’s Day.

The new campaign is just one element of Tourism Ireland’s plans to promote the destination around St Patrick’s Day. They want saturation coverage so that even a hardly seen tribe in the Amazon is aware of what day it is and learns that they have to visit Ireland before they shuffle of this earth. Other activity will include up to 100 iconic landmarks and sites, such as the Great Pyramid of Giza, Niagara Falls, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Sydney Opera House and many others joining Tourism Ireland’s ‘Global Greening’ on March 17th.Indeed which iconic building is there left that hasn’t been turned green?

The Great Wall of China became the ‘Green Wall of China’ at midnight in China joining a host of other sites around the world for Tourism Ireland’s 2014 Global Greening initiative, to celebrate the island of Ireland and St Patrick this weekend. Tourism Ireland’s annual Global Greening initiative has gone from strength to strength – from its beginning in 2010, with just the Sydney Opera House going green, to this year, when more than 100 landmark buildings and iconic sites will turn a shade of green for our national day.

So, if “The Fantastic St Patrick’s Parade” will be the longest, where is the shortest? That honour may belong to Hot Springs in Arkansas in the US. We all know that many pride themselves on the Irish ancestry and there will be big parades in New York, Boston, Chicago and just about any other place you could name where more than one Irish person gathers.

The parade in Hot Springs travels down the 98-foot length of Bridge Street which, at just under 30 metres, is known as the world’s shortest street in everyday use. The event, led by comedian Jim Belushi will also be full of leprechauns, floats, marching bands, Elvis impersonators and traditional green beer.

And you thought Elvis wasn’t Irish!

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