The great holiday debate

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 © Dan Sperrin

© Dan Sperrin

Today, in Westminster, there will be a debate about the price of holidays during school holidays. One thing you can bet on is that there will be heated comments from MP’s as this is a no-brainer for them. Their constituents object to the prices charged so MP’s will play to their voters.

Will changes occur as was suggested by ITV’s Daybreak programme yesterday? They said travel companies ” could be forced” to reduce prices? Unlikely since any price reduction is going to be either from a cut in air passenger tax (APD) or VAT and can you see any government reducing the amount of cash they take from us especially when it is so easy and cheap to collect?

But I could be wrong.

The debate was prompted by on an online petition. Paul Cookson wrote on Facebook that he was “sick to death” of being “ripped off” by companies which put up holiday prices outside school term time. That led to followers which led to an e-petition  which garnered the number of people required to trigger a Commons debate.  John Hemming MP weighed in lobbying to reduce or suspend airport passenger duty at peak travel times to make family holidays more affordable.

The debate, a few weeks ago, to reduce VAT on accommodation got nowhere. It will be interesting to see where this debate goes but don’t get too enthusiastic.

I’ll let you know tomorrow what happens.

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