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winter in Moomin World

winter in Moomin World

Have you considered Finland for a summer holiday? It’s very different; you aren’t going to bake in the sun but you are going to see wide-open spaces and there are some particularly attractive places if you have young children. (say under 10.) Take Moomin World for example. We don’t have anything quite like it in the UK  (maybe a cross between the TV series Balamory and a theme park) so the best way for understanding it is to look at the website.

Located quite a way from the Finnish capital, Helsinki – about 180 kilometres  –   you can drive or take the regular bus service. The drive is a preferred way because you can stop and explore the villages that you will pass through.If you are stretched for time take the bus.

Moomins’ home valley is situated in an island which is preserved as naturally as possible, with its plentiful flora and fauna. It has a strong, wholesome ethic as well. Moomin World demonstrates, it claims, family unity, non-violence, friendliness, environmental awareness, good manners, open-mindedness and safety. As such it is a popular place for birthday parties. Anthing that might scare younger visitors and they let you know.

Although it closes for the winter season, Moomin World opens for one week during the half-term break (which ends on 23rd February) and with Finland this year celebrating the centenary of Moomin’s creator, Tove Janssen, the annual Moomin Winter Magic will be  special. Winter Magic sees the Moomin family break their winter slumber to host a daily programme of winter fun that includes sledding with Little My, Alice and Moomintroll’s family ski session and a snowshoe trek with The Hemulen.   After the half-term, it properly opens on the 7th of June and remains open until the 24th August so for a summer holiday with a difference you can take the kids

This popular attraction for youngsters draws Finns and other Scandinavians in their tens of thousands.  The park is open from 10am to 4pm for half term and two hours longer for most of the summer. A single ticket – which costs  €18 –  includes all events for the whole program so it makes budgeting a bit easier.





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