I want sun not Santa

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Go away!

Go away! At least till next winter

This is winter. Spring is weeks away although given our weather it wouldn’t surprise me if it was months. I am waiting for spring and summer. I don’t want to think about next winter yet what arrived in my letter box today? Yes you’ve guessed it, a brochure for next winter. Called Santa’s Lapland this beaming Santa Claus figure has resulted in just one thing. Hate!

As snow is forecast, where I live, to come on top of the rain and local flooding – though nothing as bad as some areas – I want to think of warmth, sunshine, dryness and long days. If I want a snow scene I’ll watch the winter Olympics where even they seem to be struggling to have much snow at the lower levels. I don’t want to give anyone a magical Christmas as the brochure suggests. I want a magical summer. And I don’t want a private family meeting with Santa. I want to meet the God of Rain and tell it to stop. I want to meet the God of Sun and tell it to start standing up to the rain gods and dry the place out for a week or so. And I want Santa Claus to hibernate until long after we get a decent summer. Above all I don’t want to look at a brochure for next winter’s holidays.

Obviously the tour operator  – Transun – has decided that they should sell next winter now. They want our deposits in their bank account rather than in ours. Maybe I’d be more interested if I had received a brochure that talked of winter sun. Wouldn’t it be better if they held off until the fields and towns dried out and people forgot what a lousy, wet winter we were having?  The only sun they are offering me is in their name!

It seems only a month or so ago that I heard a child asking how it was that Santa was everywhere. I bet even they didn’t expect to find him in their letterbox this early as well!

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