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Today we launch our new web design and our new title.

Welcome to the new name for CD-Traveller, Just about Travel.

Why change the name? It better reflects what we do. We just bring you stories and news about travel without trying to sell you anything. We don’t cover business travel; we don’t do hotel or airline reviews and we don’t consider conventions. We just look at the destination, attractions and news that might be of interest to the holidaymaker and traveller.

Secondly, removing the initials “CD” will stop people asking for a compact disc!

You will also notice some other changes. We are dropping the “comments” section. Why the change? Because over the last four-and-a-half years we have had over 700,000 spam messages most of which were automatically stopped by our software. A further 60,477 we have had to manually delete otherwise you would see strange comments about pills, couriers and faddy health remedies plus information you really don’t want to know about. That – on average – is over 40 a day. We would much rather spend our time writing and researching. That is why the automatic comments facility is being dropped. Knowing what you think is is important and useful to us, so if you want to make a comment, just write to me, editor@justabouttravel.net, and I’ll happily add them provided they are legal, decent and truthful as the saying goes.

You will also notice more in our “events” listings as we have more capacity to add in this new website. These are some of our most popularly read pieces and we are now adding about 10,000 per year. The National Trust, RSPB, Northern Ireland Tourist Board, National Museums of Scotland (our grateful thanks for their help) send us their listings along with dozens of tourist boards so there will be many more suggestions for days out in the future.

The weekly e-zine sent each week to our readers will remain the same. Id you don’t want it then you may delete it, opt-out using the links in the e-zine (unless they have been disabled by your ISP provider in the mistaken believe that the e-zine is spam) or just e-mail me and I’ll remove you from the e-zine mailing list. But as we enter our fifth year there will be some big holiday prizes for our subscribers as thanks for your support over the years. Subscribing is still free and you can opt-out at any time.

And welcome, once again, to Just about Travel.

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