Joining carnival time in Nice

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Carnival in Nice

Carnival 2102

Although there are over 2,000 events held every year in Nice it is the carnival that is the most popular. Since the middle ages the carnival has been held and today, it ranks as one of the most well-known anywhere in the world.

And it is only a month away. It starts on St Valentine’s Day (a suggestion there if you were planning a romantic getaway) and runs until the 4th of March.

For over 15 days, the city hums to the rhythm of this genuine, fairy-tale event and it is regularly promoted as being an antidote to the dullness of winter

The carnival procession consists of just 18 floats but these 18 are works of art with their emphasis on trying to better than each other and better than any seen previously. The 3 leading floats are the King, the Queen and Carnivalon, their son. They work their way through the city until they reach the decorations on the Place Masséna. And these parades take place day and night during the festival along with entertainment provided by over 1,000 musicians and dancers from across the world. 20 tonnes of confetti are at the heart of the parade and the Flower Parade.

If you come in costume and therefore showing a party spirit then you will be given free access to the Place Masséna.sing to come to the Nice Carnival in costume is evidence of the Carnival spirit. It is acknowledged by
a free entry to the enclosed Place

In a unique setting, the Promenade des Anglais, you can catch the elegant “flower battles” which are part of the carnival. On floats decorated with the most stunning floral compositions, extravagantly dressed characters throw out mimosas, gerberas, and lilies into the public

The carnival was mentioned as long ago as 1294 but no-one knows how long it had been happening before then. Some say it is a relic from pagan times and the word itself might come from “carne levare” meaning “remove the flesh!”

What it really means is remove your flesh from our dank and wet shores and head to the warmth of the Riviera and the carnival in Nice.

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