Holidaying where we say we will

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Time for a trip to Tenerife?

Tenerife. This is what most holidaymakers want; a beach and glorious seas

We are five times as likely not to do what we say we will as do it when it comes to choosing holiday destinations. That’s from some research tucked away in a press release from Sainsbury’s banking arm. And that applies to just the Canaries. If you take Mexico, Thailand or New Zealand as an example, then we are twenty times as likely not to go there even though we say we will.

If the research and the method by which it was carried out is accurate then destinations really do have a hard time in researching what we do. But why should we not do what we say we will do? Obviously cash is an important determinant and it could be that the time between asking a question and committing to pay sees circumstances change. But I suspect there are other reasons as well. A number of people will instinctively say exotic destinations like the Maldives, the glaciers and geysers of New Zealand, Mauritius and the wildlife plains of South Africa because they would genuinely like to go there. When they learn the costs, their wallets affect their heart and the brain says that it won’t be this year.

But even with the Canaries –extraordinarily popular islands for us –five times as many as go don’t. These are places where many of us would know the prices so why this change of mind? It can’t all be down to money. Could it be that from the time the research is conducted to the time we book, promotions from other destinations, travel agents or tour operators influence us to change our minds? If true, then many of us aren’t as loyal to our original thoughts and what we are looking for is a holiday at what we thinks is a bargain whether that be in terms of money or for the “extras” thrown in to tempt us. Or it is because when we are asked we don’t really think about the answer but just plump for the first place that comes to mind.

Whatever the reason it will make me wary of saying to readers that these look like the places that will be popular this year because of research. You are more likely to see stories in Just about Travel about what people have done because at least we will know it is more likely to be true.

And there is our first and probably only new year’s resolution. Happy new year to you all

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