Mendelssohn’s anniversary

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2014 will see many significant anniversaries; significant because of the person or event involved and significant because anniversaries attract us –the visitor. And one of the first of the year will be celebrated by the German city of Leipzig, the city where the composer Mendelssohn was born in 1814 on the 3rd of February.

It was there at Goldschmidtstraße 12 that Jakob Ludwig Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy lived and died: one of Germany’s greatest composers, pianists and organists. And the Mendelssohn House museum will be reopened with its new floor on 3 February 2014: his birthday.

It was Mendelssohn who created a tune that virtually everyone in the western world is familiar with – the Wedding March. It was he who wrote Fingal’s Cave which just about every child at school hears and whose haunting theme really does seem to conjure the swirl of the ocean as it invades the cave. It was he who played for Queen Victoria and Prince Albert who both much admired his music. At Buckingham palace the three of them sang together in 1842 and he visited them again and again when he was in London. even dedicating music to them. So this anniversay should attract many British visitors. In all he visited the UK ten times and his oratorio, Elijah, had its premiere in Birmingham in 1846 – the year before his early death at the age of 38.

How many of us who – on hearing music – join in and conduct the tune? You can in the “Effektorium” in the museum as this interactive experience can turn you into a Simon Rattle or Andrew Davies. This allows you to experience the music of the composer and Gewandhaus Kapellmeister in a very different way. A library with audio and video material rounds off this new and vivid museum concept.

Leipzig has the world’s only Mendelssohn museum which is located in his last private apartment where he lived until his death in 1847.

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Image © Archiv Mendelssohn-Haus

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