The bog snorkelling man wins

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Llanwrtyd Wells

Bog Snorkelling at Llanwrtyd Wells - where else!

Any man who puts a small, largely unheard town on the map deserves an award. Any man who conceives such ridiculous things like the world bog-snorkelling championships and the man versus horse race deserves an award. Any man who draws in so many visitors that they dwarf the town’s population yet runs it as a not-for-profit exercise deserves an award.

Gordon Green from the now well-known town of Llanwrytd Wells was given just one award at the Welsh National Tourism Awards last week. He deserved more but at least it was the award for outstanding contribution to Welsh tourism. It should be for ingenuity, persistence and reading just what visitors want to see and enjoy. He has also organised the World Alternative Games. worm charming, underwater hockey, gravy wrestling, Russian egg roulette and wheelbarrow racing. Llanwrtyd Wells must now be considered one of the great sporting locations in the UK if not the universe!

He wasn’t the only winner at the awards of course, awards that recognise that tourism is worth £6.9 billion to the Welsh economy and employs more than 206,000 people. The Abergavenny Food Festival won the award for best event and Celtic Quest Coasting won best visitor experience. Trecco Bay Holiday Park in Porthcawl won the award for the most successful tourist team which, in large part, means that it recognises that they have demonstrated exceptional customer service.

The four regional tourism winners were Ffestiniog & Welsh Highland Railways in North Wales, Y Talbot in Tregaron for Mid-Wales, Dan-yr-Ogof, The National Showcaves Centre for Wales which won the south west Wales award and the Welsh Whisky Company which won for the south east part of the country which is known as the Capital Region.

RibRide’s owners, Phil Scott and Tom Ashwell jointly won the Young Tourism Entrepreneur award. As entrepreneurs they have a way to catch up with Gordon Green’s achievements. But in another year or two, who knows?

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