It’s all down to allocated seating

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This was the reason given by the Chief Executive of easyJet, Carolyn McCall, for the 50% plus increase in profits. Giving passengers what they want rewards airlines with profits and loyalty or is that too sweeping a statement?

Could providing allocated seating be the main or sole reason for this success especially since rival Ryanair does not allow passengers free seat allocation and they have announced profit warnings?

Could it be due to better management at the airline?

All of the main airlines, British Airways, Flybe, Air France, KLM, Lufthansa and so on provide passengers with allocated seats but they haven’t witnessed such a huge upsurge in profits. But have they been run as well as easyJet? On many occasions these older airlines were cheaper to fly on than the low-cost ones but that double offer of price and an allocated seat seems not to have benefitted them so much.
Certainly the scrums at airports to grab the best seats aren’t pleasant to be in or to watch. Some passengers will queue up for ages before a flight just to get on and grab a better seat. So a half-way house boarding opportunity was provided whereby passengers paid more to get on board first. On some flight I took there were more people in that queue than in the scrummage one! It certainly pointed out to airlines that people felt that the free-for-all was not preferred. Many positively loathed it but did that really mean that many passengers stayed away as McCall suggested in her press statement?

I’m just not convinced by McCall’s comment. Yes, I’m sure it helps but I think that a lot more is down to better management and better customer service.

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