Visited a national park? 73% of the Welsh have

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near Marloes in the Pembrokeshire Coastal

12 million people a year visit the three Welsh national parks a new report says. And they spend £1 billion a year which I make is over £83 for each and every visitor. Seems a lot doesn’t it especially for an essentially free attraction?

The report by National Parks Wales, WLGA and Natural Resources Wales looked at Snowdonia, the Brecon Beacons and Pembrokeshire Coast came up with that figure and also said that visitors spend more time in Welsh parks than those in England and Scotland. The report said that on average, people spend 2.26 days visiting the parks in Wales compared with England and Scotland where visitors spent 1.59 days.

It says that Snowdonia attracts 4.27m visitors a year, the Pembrokeshire Coast was visited by 4.2m people a year and that the Brecon Beacons attracted 4.15m. Astonishingly, it claims that 73% of all those live in Wales have visited one of the three in the last twelve months.

The conclusions from this report have shown an affinity and love of national parks that the other home nations don’t have to the same degree. Northern Ireland is excepted of course because they have none and look unlikely to have any in the near future. The appeal of national parks is obvious to all but some people complain of the differing planning regulations almost suggesting that national parks are little fiefdoms or local government by a different name. The difference is that we don’t vote for the members, most having been appointed by local authorities.

From the visitor standpoint this is immaterial. What they want is the ability to go out and walk, trek, admire the scenery and enjoy what they have been blessed with on their own doorstop. If anything these numbers suggest that we should consider setting up additional parks for us all to enjoy.

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