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part of the Flanders stand at World Travel Market

Next year will be the anniversary of the start of WWI. A number of countries intimately involved in the war will hold special commemorations and one will be Belgium, the country which, when invaded by Germany, caused the UK to declare war.

While Liège was the first town in Belgium to be attacked, the town of Mons saw the very first battle between the British and the German forces. The first and the last British soldiers to die in WWI lie in its St Symphorien cemetery, which will be the focus of special commemorations by the British Government in August 2014. The Mons Region Tourist Board will be providing further information about planned commemorative events there, but also about its UNESCO sites, and Mons 2015, when it will be European Capital of Culture.

Plugstreet was where the famous Football Truce of December 1914 took place, and a new Interpretation Centre, Plugstreet 14-18, dedicated to the events and the devastation that took place around Plugstreet and Comines-Warneton during the First World War opened just two days ago on 9 November 2013.

2014 will also see the 70th anniversary of the Liberation of Brussels in World War II, and the 70th anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge. A new museum dedicated to WW2 will be opening in Bastogne next spring and the first map of the Battle of the Bulge is being produced by the Belgian, Luxembourg and Ardennes Tourist Board.

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