Exploring the Kimberley’s

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Purnululu National Park; Kimberley's

Since Lonely Planet – the travel magazine – published its Best in Travel 2014, releases have been flocking in to the CD-Traveller extolling the accolade for those that have won.

The Australians were quick on the mark pointing out that the Kimberley’s in west Australia were one of the top regions. There isn’t a lot there to be honest apart from landscape and a coastline. It’s stark, it’s rugged and you want to be on a tour to visit it. On your own you need to be prepared with additional water, tyres, equipment to winch you out of dried river beds and problems, fully charged mobiles that you can use if you get in a mess and a knowledge of how to fix your vehicle. And leave daily messages saying where you are and where you are driving to.

Someone travelling through it last year was surprised at how often idiots drove through it unprepared and he had to repair cars, 4×4’s and haul them out of messes they had got themselves into. If this didn’t happen once a day he was surprised.

Yes, there are towns like Broome, there is a highway and there are camp sites. It is certainly easier to travel there that it was a few decades ago. But the outback is very unforgiving and people do get lost and, occasionally, die.

I am not saying don’t go there. It really is a spectacular part of the world. Just be prepared.

Image courtesy of Tourism Australia

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