Ellis Island re-opens

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Ellis Island museum

As we in the south and midlands await the big storm forecast tonight it is hard not to think back to the hurricane of 1987. It took a while to recover from that and the same has happened in New York where, Ellis Island, after being submerged by Hurrican Sandy a year ago, re-opens to the public tomorrow.

In the 62 years that Ellis Island acted as the main processing route for people wishing to migrate to the Unites States, 12 million people passed through the doors and got their first taste of America. After it closed in 1954, it became neglected and it wasn’t until 1965 that the island was declared a national park and became part of the Statue of Liberty National Monument.

When Hurricane Sandy hit, you might remember that parts of Manhatten were flooded and some businesses shut never to re-open. The Statue of Liberty suffered and only re-opened this year on July 4th. Ellis Island was flooded as well and although the museum will be open to visitors curious about how their forebears found the entry to their hoped-for bright futures, all is still not perfect. There will be a new air-conditioned system installed to help protect the one million documents that are still stored in climate-controlled facilities elsewhere. other work still needs to be done.

Even if none of your relatives journeyed for a new life in America, there is another reason to visit Ellis Island. Like taking the free ferry to Staten Island, a stop at Ellis gives some fantastic views over Manhatten and the wide waterways.

For more about Ellis Island, click here.

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