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Ryan-Hair - or the new money-making scheme of an airline?

Catching a bus to London’s Victoria station yesterday, I passed a hairdressing salon called Ryan-Hair. All sorts of thoughts went through my mind as I recalled Ryanair’s Michael O’Leary’s first attempts to respond to customer comments on Twitter earlier this week.

None of the comments about his fray into social media has been favourable. Generally it is thought he made a bit of a hash (tag) of it. He certainly didn’t take it very seriously telling one Ryanair worker to stop slacking and return to work and telling another who wanted to know when O’Leary would convert the cargo hold into more seats, that he would convert it to beds so people could join the mile high club!

Given that O’Leary said just a month ago that the airline needed to embrace customer service, if this was an attempt to start that plan he failed.

So imagine the people in that hairdressers. They must have made every barber joke in the book. O’Leary needs his mouth trimmed; Ryan Hair today, gone tomorrow; (with luck) why does the cabin staff hate O’Leary? Because he only knows about crew cuts; why does O’Leary want a wig – to cover his bald lies. Why is O’Leary like a barber? Because he trims customer wishes.

There are masses of bad puns and jokes and the ingenuity of calling this shop Ryan-Hair must have encouraged anyone who had a moan about the airline. And if it didn’t it should do. I bet the conversation in the shop touches on the airline every time a new customer comes in.

But then maybe the shop is in league with Ryanair. On future flights, hairdressing services will be provided. But at a vast price and you won’t necessarily get what you wanted!

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