A spooktacular weekend in Whitby

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Expect to see the "odd" hearse travelling around

Once again we are looking forward to a spooky weekend away for Halloween. Founded back in 1994 by Jo Hampshire, the Whitby Goth Weekend is a sight to be seen. It has grown over the years into one of the world’s best Goth events bringing thousands of colourful characters to the town of Whitby year after year.

Every year a wealth of colourful characters descend on the charming town of Whitby. Goths, punks, steampunks, emos, bikers, metallers and people from all genres of alternative lifestyle bring their own unique dress styles and enjoy a weekend filled with music, dancing, drinking and shopping.

This year’s weekend will take place between 1st November and 3rd November and features bands such as the Fearless Vampire Killers, Ashes to Angels, Bella Morte and many more. There is also the premier alternative market which takes place over the weekend with free entry to three days of Trade Stalls at Whitby Spa Pavilion and Whitby Leisure centre.

the welcoming whale arch

If you dare venture up to the church at the top of the hill by Whitby Abbey you might see a wonderful character who for many years’ visits the grave yard adorned with his very own style. Just watch out for the vampires that line the streets before you!

A gentle stroll along the front can be interrupted by the sight of interesting forms of transport as it’s not unusual to spy the odd hearse or two parked by the roadside. A photograph beneath the huge whale bones that frame the view to the Abbey is a must on Whitby’s west cliff. The current whale bones that stand today are not in fact the original whale jaw bones that were erected sometime around 1853; they are now displayed in the Whitby Archives and Heritage Centre. The current arch is made from bones that were donated to the town in 2003 by Alaska.

If you feeling a bit more energetic take the 199 steps from the Abbey to the old town below counting them as you go. Then stroll amongst the vampires and witches, Goths and emos and visit the many shops which line the old cobbled streets. The shopper’s paradise features a wealth of unique shops offering local crafts, famous Whitby Jet Jewellery, maritime memorabilia, and antiques providing opportunity to take a memento of your visit home.

the old abbey

If food is your passion, Whitby has it all. Award winning restaurants, continental cuisine, ‘olde worlde’ tea rooms with their freshly baked goodies and famous Yorkshire teas and sea-shanty inns that prepare locally cooked produce for your delight. If you have the faithful hound there are places too where they can join you while you dine.

Lastly if you wish take a tour around the Abbey ruins itself and dream of an era gone by visualising the drama of the arches against the skyline or watching the sun go down through the glassless voids.

Whether the reason for your visit is one of fantasy, drama and dream of vampire bats and pulsing life blood or if the beauty of the landscape and seascape draws you near Whitby holds something for everyone and is certainly worth a visit.

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