I wish I was in New York

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The re-opened Statue of Liberty shining a light for Banksy? She should!

Readers will know that I am not as seduced by New York as many people are. But at the moment there is no place where I’d rather be.

I am envious of those of you who will be there over half term or at any time this month because I won’t be there. And what I am missing is one of the great tourist marketing ventures that there is. Except that many won’t recognise it as that. And what is causing this tourism triumph? Banksy

He had decided to spend a month in New York. But the street artist has managed to make headlines almost every other day in papers around the world. First he started leaving his style of art across various parts of the city. One was cleaned off so there were more headlines. Then he managed – somehow – to open a stall selling originals of his work for the ridiculous sums of $40 each and one person even negotiated a discount!

Single-handedly, this man has got more headlines about the city than New York & Co – the marketing agency for the city – has managed to get in any other comparable period. People are travelling to New York to see what Banksy is doing each night and what has been left for people to discover the following day. As a tourism draw to entice visitors interested in art and culture, Banksy has proved a big draw (forgive the pun) for the city. He won’t repeat the streetside stall again but you can bet he has something up his sleeve. Could it be a stall at the Sunday markets in downtown Manhattan where his work might be hidden amongst prints and stained “old” lithographs of dubious value?

All I know is that I am not there to join in the fun. Nor to acquire an original Banksy to adorn the CD-Traveller office.

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