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"The Rising Moon"

I tend to just put my plastic bottles out for the recycling collection on a Monday morning. In Hong Kong they have a different approach. They turn them into sculpture.

Victoria Park now glows in the flickering lights of a mega lantern sculpture made from 7,000 recycled plastic bottles. The giant “Rising Moon” lantern installation is part of the celebrations of their Mid-Autumn Festival. Moon- gazers are in for a treat this Mid-Autumn festival as they can expect to see the biggest full moon in nine years.

The lantern sculpture, the centrepiece of the “Hong Kong Mid-Autumn Festival”, is approximately 10 metres in height and 20 metres in diameter, and is made from recyclable or reusable materials, including plastic bottles, steel frames, cable wires and energy-saving LED light bulbs. The designers set the installation on top of a large pond, so that the semi-spherical lantern joins its reflection under the special lighting effects, waxing and waning like the real moon.

The installation design is the brainchild of four young Hong Kong-based designers, the concept being to bring the distant moon to earth. Drawing inspiration from daily life, the designers decided to re-interpret the lantern form using recycled plastic bottles, promoting a green message.

Apparently, 7,000 plastic bottles may sound like a lot, but such an amount is actually consumed in just 15 minutes every day in Hong Kong. Imagine what would be created if they used all that was recycled in a day! Now there’s a challenge for next year.

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Image © Hong Kong Tourist Board

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