Where are the fun-lovers and the culturally curious?

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a simpler promotion; green sheep for St Patrick's Day

If you are in one of these two groups then Tourism Ireland is targeting you to visit Ireland this Autumn. The fun-lovers are called “social energisers” and are young. The other group – the “culturally curious” – are older and interested in exploring new sights and heritage sites.

If you fit the bill you might be interested in how Tourism Ireland thinks it will be able to contact you. For all you “social energisers,” they plan to target festival-goers from all over Great Britain in conjunction with Bestival and popular radio station XFM, targeting the station’s 975,000 listeners. The initiative presents the island of Ireland, the tourist board says, as an exciting, vibrant and modern destination to get that young, fun-loving audience to look at a city break in Dublin or Belfast with fresh eyes. Then they are going to provide Video-on-demand ads through ITV Player, 4 On Demand, YouTube and other online platforms.

Those of you that are “culturally curious,” Tourism Ireland believes can be targetted using the cinema, newspapers and e-mails. 3.6 million cinema-goers will see Tourism Ireland ads this autumn – on pop-up outdoor screens in advance of films like Casablanca and Some Like it Hot; and in selected cinemas before films such as About Time and Austenland. Only if you read the Telegraph will you see the newspaper advertising. Inserts featuring Derry/Londonderry UK City of Culture and The Gathering Ireland will be distributed with the Daily Telegraph and the Sunday Telegraph this autumn, reaching almost 3 million people. Finally e-mails highlighting the Boyne Valley, Waterford’s Viking Triangle and the Kildare-Wicklow Grand Tour will reach 800,000 of you.

Will these promotions reach you? The tourist officials hope so because despite their efforts in the last few years, the numbers travelling to Ireland haven’t risen. On this targeting, I’m not sure they will either. It certainly doesn’t target me but I’ll be going across the Irish Sea this autumn

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