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Henley; at least five episodes of Midsomer Murders have been part-filmed here

Over the years, the TV series, Morse, Lewis and Endeavour – not to mention Midsomer Murders – have probably had to deal with the murders of, seemingly, thousands. It makes you wonder that there is anyone left in Oxfordshire to act as guides to show visitors around.

Television is a great aid to the tourism industry. Look at the upsurge is Faroe Island jumpers when the heroine police office continuously wore the same one in The Killing. Look at the number of people that visit Denmark and Sweden in search of the places where these series are set. And the same applies to home-grown series as well. There is even a book called Midsomer Murders on Location which guides visitors to sites where the stories took place. In Scandinavian countries, Oxfordshire has become a place they must visit which might also explain why the producers of the programme have announced that an episode is going to be filmed there to capitalise on this interest.

Sixteen different Oxfordshire towns are listed in the book and, bearing in mind the book was published four years ago, there will be others as well. In fairness though, there are 20 locations in Buckinghamshire, six in Berkshire and two in Hertfordshire that have been used as well.And then there is a website to guide you around the locations.

What is about film locations that encourages us to visit them ?

Even after decades there are certain locations that attract visitors such the the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway after The Railway Children was filmed there back in 1970 and Castle Howard was used for the 1982 production of Evelyn Waugh’s Brideshead Revisited. Both still advertise the fact despite the time gap. Whatever the attraction, we still are drawn to places we have seen in films or on television.

You would have thought with all this publicity that the county would be satisfied but apparently not. Matt Damon, Cate Blanchett and Jean Dujardin have been spotted in the pub and the church Fingest filming a new movie called The Monuments Men.

Looks like another stop for visitors to go to.

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