Tiring of Ryanair?

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Ryanair flies away


The announcement that profits fell might suggest that passengers were using Ryanair less. But numbers grew slightly, not as much as hoped but they still grew. So it looks as though the public will still tolerate this airline despite the complaints that we hear about it.

In the document issued there are two interesting items for passengers. The first is that 27% of all revenues – €357 million or about £300 million was raised just for charging extras, ancillary revenue as it is called. This was up by 25% and why? Because of – in the words of Ryanair’s CEO, Michael O’Leary – the “… successful development of reserved seating, priority boarding, and higher admin\credit card fees.” In English, this means charging as much as Ryanair thinks they can get away with whilst still claiming that fares are low. And they had to trim headline seat prices as competition grew from other airlines.

But in that comment, O’Leary says that “higher admin\credit card fees,” contributed to that £300 million. After the Office of Fair Trade ruling last year that excessive credit card charges would be banned, the airline introduced a 2% fee on credit cards (more in keeping with what it is probably charged) instead of a charge for each leg of a flight and per person and a £6 per flight administration charge. Cynics might say that Ryanair just moved figures into different columns to continue soaking passengers for as much as they could but all within the letter of the new ruling. I couldn’t possible comment.

But the fact that O’Leary lumped them together suggests he may not see them differently. Or was it a case of a slip of that persuasive Irish blarney?

PS Fascinating Aida’s song “Cheap Flights” has now notched up over 4 million hits on You Tube. And what airline do they sing about?

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