Taking children on holiday in school time

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no more holidays in school time?

From the start of the new school year in England, parents will have less likelihood of taking their children out of school in term time.

The old regulations allowed 10 days a year which the government says was misused. They say that, “This was interpreted by some schools and parents to mean that parents had an entitlement to take their children on an annual two week family holiday during term time. This was a misconception; the law was not intended to create any perception of an entitlement. The Government has now changed the law to remove any ambiguity.”

Some claim that school holiday times were times when tour operators jacked the prices of holidays up making it unaffordable for some. Taking a child away reduced the price and did missing a week of school matter? The fine was £50 and normally that would be easily found from the savings that could be made on the holiday costs. From this week, the fine rises to £60 per adult, realistically meaning the fine jumps to £120 for most offenders. That still means that holiday savings will outweigh the fine so this particular piece of logic hasn’t been thought through.

Opponents to the government’s new rules set up an e-petition which was signed by over 49,000 people before it closed, less than the 100,000 needed to provoke a parliamentary debate. You could argue that the petition indicates that not that many parents are interested in being able to take children away in term time.

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