Would you stay in a room like these?

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the "city scape" room by Thomas Buchanan

I ask the question because the Majestic Minima Hotel in Adelaide has decided that all 46 rooms are pieces of art. Each room has received the attentions of an artist and they have used the walls and ceiling to create a work of art. All 46 featured artists are from South Australia and are either emerging or semi-established.

Those staying can choose to spend the night in a specific room selected from the online gallery, or they can opt for a lucky dip. Options include ‘Room 1 Life’ which features a cartoon depicting life over the last four billion years; ‘Room 11 Love’, a serene and whimsical creation in golden hues; and ‘Room 213 In Dreams’, a fantasy themed bedroom.

The "ame no nuboko" room by Tree House Projects

Staying in a gallery raises all sorts of issues. When I visit one, I usually want to see more than one exhibit so am I going to be able to see the other rooms and wonder at them? It might be all right to look at them online but I have found that art exhibits can look very different “in the flesh” or from different angles. Will there be tours after check-out time for non-stayers?

And how often will exhibits be replaced by new works of art? Galleries change some works over after a few months but can a hotel afford to do this? Shouldn’t other artists have the opportunity of contributing their ideas? And if they do change, what becomes of the existing art works? You can’t exactly store them away and then have a retrospective in ten years’ time. I suppose if I really like it I could have the artist create a clone but it wouldn’t be the original and collectors like originals. Buying the room isn’t going to be a practical solution. Just think of all the bubble wrap you’d need!

The hotel just hasn’t thought this through.

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