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free bycycling in Adelaide

The South Australian capital, Adelaide, is often overlooked by visitors from the northern hemisphere, one of the reasons being that most flights head to Sydney or Melbourne. More’s the pity because Adelaide is a great place to visit in its own right.

Now the city offers the visitor an inexpensive way to see it. No that’s wrong. It’s not inexpensive: it can be free.

If you want to walk around the city then there is a free service called the Global Greeter Network. (this exists in some other cities around the world as well.) Volunteers will guide you around but not necessarily on foot. It could be by bus, train or tram as well.

If you prefer to cycle your way around that’s easy too. Adelaide City Bikers is a free bike hire scheme which is open every day. A bit like Boris Bikes, you can pick-up and drop-off at a number of sites in the city. There aren’t as many as there are in London but the system is growing and as local councils sign up to the scheme it should been more collection points. And Adelaide is easy to ride around because it is a planned city built on a grid system and not to be big to be confusing.

If you feel less energetic, take a bus. Route 99C is designed to take you past many of the sightseeing places you probably would want to visit anyway. It will go past the state museum, library and art gallery, the botanic gardens and the Tandanya Aboriginal Culture Gallery. It also just happens to cover some of the big shopping areas as well like Rundle Street which abounds with designer label shops and restaurants.

We may not have many tram services but Adelaide has kept one original line, the Glenelg line which began as a steam train line which celebrates its 140th birthday this year.. The trams are newer however and the Glenelg tram will take you from the middle of the city out to the beaches in Glenelg. It also goes past the Entertainment Centre and the Adelaide Festival Centre which, if you are going to a concert, the opera or a show, then it’s likely to be at one of these two locations. And did I mention that that is free too?

I’m beginning to realise why my second cousins (plus third, fourth and fifth ones) decamped to Adelaide when they left Folkestone all those years ago rather than join the family in Sydney!

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